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About Company

TawFeer established in 2006 ,We are a licensed Company in Jordan having its operational offices at Amman , And we own our local facilities in many middel east and african countries, also we focused on providing smart, innovative, fresh telecom solutions for the purpose of achieving impactful business partnerships with solid long lasting relationships . We take great care in the crafting and development of these solutions, because we know that our clients’ business success depends on our expertise . It is our mission to offer B2B and B2C services at affordable rates. Since the very beginning, we have been committed to changing the way customers view their telecoms bill, and we made it right through our service. Whether you’re looking at VoIP services for your Callshop business, office or you want to become a reseller TawFeer offers you the Solution, affordable way to join the technological age .

Our Focus

The best communications services.

TawFeer offers a wide variety of VOIP services. From carrier-grade premium CLI routes to economy non_cli connections, calling cards, physical switches (TDM). Our services are intended for everyone. Our direct termination networks, worldwide interconnections and the highly-experienced stuff enable TawFeer to service , also we offer full solutions for termination Gateways , VPN Switches Filters analysing data tools , special programing tools according our clints needed .


Our company offers full package of services and provides professionally made supplies for the communications sphere. Our target is to deliver best solutions and make your business more profitable with our support. With the help of our consultants and engineers, we together will build technology solutions that will solve your problems immediately.

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